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The world is huge and diverse, and in this world there are probably people who do not like sweets and easily do without cakes and pastries, without sweets and chocolate, without cookies. But what about those who really love these goodies? Our store provides a huge selection of healthy sweets and sweets made from dried fruits.

Do you like dried fruits?

The "&Joy" store has a large selection of beautiful, bright, and most importantly delicious desserts.

cakes cakes cakes cakes

There are many sets in our store. You can buy them and give them for any occasion to a friend or mother, and to yourself, of course!


Description -

Our marzipans are not only taste. This is the grace of forms, the tenderness of the structure and the delicate aroma of fresh almonds.

It is also a love for nature and for what it creates.

Cooking method Natural desserts are prepared exclusively from the freshest nuts, dried fruits, seeds, fruits and berries. We chose the freshest ingredients, ground them in a blender and froze. To preserve the greatest amount of useful substances, we use shock freezing, which allows us to preserve 100% of the composition of all vitamins and microelements!

If you have any questions, the store will be happy to answer, write them in this box 👇

cakes cakes cakes
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